Lakeside Studio is perfect for mastering your recordings. The ATC 300 monitorsystem in the acoustically designed control room provides you with a perfect mirror-like image of your mixes allowing you to hear the slightest sound- and level corrections, to make inaudible edits and musical fades.

Probably every desirable plug-in is available. Your master CD will end up sounding very powerful with no loss of dynamics.

We will make a CD compilation of your mastered song titles, including PQ-codes and indexes written on a Redbook standard compatible CD-master, ISRC and EAN codes and CD text, ready for manufacturing a glass master in the CD-factory or simply for your own personal copies.

Lakeside studio also owns an FTP server allowing us to upload a CD image of your production for the replication factory .

Heinz Affolter  Seestrasse 42 CH-6205 Eich

Tel +41 41 460 01 91    Mobile +41 76 440 01 91   


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